April 2023: What We've Been Listening To

April 2023: What We've Been Listening To

Hello! Thanks for making it to our blog. This post will be the first in a series of posts dedicated to highlighting music new and old that we can't get enough of spinning in the shop. If you've had a chance to come by our store, you know that we play a whole mix of music and vinyl and a whole range of different genres. There's a little something for everybody!

Tyler The Creator - Call Me If You Get Lost 

- Dogtooth on repeat on my way home from the shop

- Beautiful vinyl release 

Freddie Dredd Radio Station

- Discovered on Tiktok

- Spotify radio station is banger after banger. Incredible pump up/pregame/workout music

David Bowie Radio Station

- Perfect mix of all your favorite classic rock styles without being too rocky rock. 

- Fantastic music.

J Dilla 

- The album "Donuts" is a non-stop play for me

The Avalanches

- A frequent request when traveling around with my partner. Nothing beats music that reminds you of your loved ones 

- Since I Left You, Wildflower are two incredible albums

Honorable Mention: the Japanese Hip Hop Mix on Spotify. Highly recommend! 



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